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Presentations Given as Requested

Steve welcomes the opportunity to give, free of charge, presentations to attorneys, adjusters, and others who work with commercial motor vehicle accident-related cases. His presentations are given at law firms, insurance companies, and other trucking meetings, so it is not necessary for attendees to travel in order to be present.

Our company has been accredited as a CLE provider by the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania’s Continuing Legal Education Board since 2007 and, therefore, we provide CLE credit to attorneys who attend Steve’s presentations. In addition, we are an approved provider, and Steve is an approved instructor, for the Pennsylvania Insurance Department, so adjusters in attendance are given CE credit for their attendance.

The length of Steve’s presentation can be tailored to fit the amount of time requested. The topics generally covered are listed below:

  • Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations
    • Application of Driving Laws
    • Qualification of Drivers
    • Hours of Service
    • Post-Accident Blood-Alcohol Testing and Exceptions
    • Inspection, Repair and Maintenance
    • Equipment Necessary for Safe Operation

  • Commercial Driver’s License and Driver’s Manuals
    • Relationship to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations
    • Classifications
    • Safe Driving Elements
    • Endorsements
    • Pre-Trip and Post-Trip Inspections
    • Combination Vehicles

  • Interpreting and Decoding Accident-Related Reports 
    • Traffic Accident Reports
    • Motor Carrier Safety Assistance Program (MCSAP) Reports
    • Driver/Vehicle Inspection Reports
    • Reconstruction Reports
    • Scale Diagrams vs. Police Sketches
    • Common Mistakes Made by Police Officers

  • Technical Methods of Evaluating Physical Evidence
    • Tire Marks
    • Yaw Mark Analysis
    • Conservation of Momentum
    • Vehicle Damage
    • Light Filament Examinations
    • Traffic Light Analysis

  • Vehicle Dynamics and Application of Human Factors
    • Movement and Speed
    • Roadway Coefficient of Friction
    • Speed Analysis
    • Perception-Reaction
    • Lane Changes
    • Night Driving

  • Electronic Control Module and Air Bag Analysis
    • Definitions, Types and Differences
    • Explanation of How They Function
    • Information Obtained from Each Unit
    • How to Use Information Obtained
    • Issues Concerning Reliability of Information Obtained

  • Brake Analysis
    • Explanation of How Air Brakes Operate
    • Service Brakes vs. Emergency Brakes
    • Long Stroke vs. Regular Stroke Brake Calculations
    • Brake Force and Brake Force Calculations
    • Common Brake Defects

  • Open Discussion with Participants
    • Participants are encouraged to ask questions during this time and to discuss any specific matters of interest with Instructor.

If you would be interested in scheduling a time for Steve to give a presentation at your office or to your group, please contact Lori A. Rickard at 904-834-3630 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..




Dates and Locations To Be Determined

This class will be for attorneys whose practices involve commercial motor vehicle accidents. Steve will be co-teaching with another very experienced accident reconstruction expert, Gary Stephens. Gary will address issues from the plaintiff’s point of view, while Steve will discuss the defense side of the same issues. Together, they will provide participants with a unique dual-sided view of how to pursue and how to defend commercial motor vehicle accident cases. The information that you will be provided in this class will allow you to easily interpret law enforcement reports, understand regulations that govern the commercial motor carrier industry, analyze and preserve evidence, and effectively cross-examine police investigators and reconstruction experts.

Classes will be held for three consecutive days only in the mornings, allowing you plenty of time during the afternoons to visit the locales with your family, play golf at nearby courses, or enjoy many of the other activities available in the area.

Class participants will be encouraged to bring to the class a case file for round-table discussion. Topics presented during the class will include:

  • Interpreting Traffic Accident Reports
  • Vehicle Dynamics
    • Movement and Speed
    • Roadway Co-efficient of Friction
    • Speed Analysis
  • Technical Methods of Evaluating Evidence
    • Tire Marks
    • Lights
    • Vehicle Damage
  • Brake Analysis
  • ECM and Air Bag Analysis
  • Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations
  • CDL and Driver Manuals

This class will be sponsored by the Institute of Police Technology and Management (IPTM) and will be approved for CLE Credit. Once the class has been scheduled, you will be directed to IPTM’s website for more information and to register. Should you have questions about the class prior to that time, please contact us.



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